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bullet fraggie
23 Feb : 12:27
u mean. besides u and me ? ;)
bullet icemankev
23 Feb : 09:32
no one seems to use this forum anymore fraggie :(
bullet fraggie
17 Feb : 01:04
still alive ? someone ?
bullet fraggie
13 Nov : 15:09
dum di dum di dum :)
bullet icemankev
01 Jul : 15:10
hello sexpest/fraggie :), im alive !! , miss u to my friend, i look forward to catching u in game :0
bullet fraggie
01 Jul : 15:08
hello freaks ;) i hope u all still alive ? love and miss yeah ;) sometimes and some of you xDDD
bullet icemankev
19 May : 20:20
hello young man, long time no see. hope life is treating u well ?, hope to see u /whoop ya but in game lololo :)
bullet wacko
17 May : 11:51
Ello Ello
bullet Hector
03 Mar : 16:43
Hey everyone :) miss all of you guys... love Bam Bam
bullet icemankev
26 Jan : 04:47
hello He-ManiaQ, great to see you again :)

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